Welcome Luna!

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Luna is a therapy dog, purchased for Hough Elementary by The Hough Foundation. Because of our diverse population at Hough, the staff came across multiple situations last year where an adult seemed to be inefficient in calming a child or easing anxiety. Hough staff found research that said a trained therapy animal can have a huge, positive impact on a community such as a school. So, when it was proposed by Melissa Cantwell to the Hough Foundation to purchase a therapy dog, they were all in! The Hough Foundation prides itself on new and innovative, out-of-the-box, ways to reach children. Providing Luna to Hough was just another way they were able to provide this. In just the short time she has been here we have seen incredible benefits. Luna has been in every classroom and enjoys spending time with children who need some additional comfort or who have earned some break time with her. She is a great way for kids to start their day positively and get back to learning when they need a boost.