Who We Are


Mission Statement:

The Hough Foundation opens doors to opportunity for all students of Hough School, eliminating barriers to learning and creating the conditions that allow every student to thrive and achieve at their highest level.

Vision Statement:

We are working toward a future when every Hough Elementary student has a clear path to educational success. Students leave Hough School life-ready and education-ready, empowered to actively engage in a world they help create.


Hough Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

Hough Foundation generates funds through grants, fundraisers and the donations of individual, faith community and corporate supporters. Partnerships are the cornerstone of our continuing success and include philanthropic individuals and institutions, businesses, civic groups, academic organizations, and the faith community. For 27 years the Hough Foundation has provided Hough Elementary students, their families and home schooled children at Hough with basic needs and opportunities for scholastic, physical, and social growth. We provide early access to the tools needed for a healthy community that lays the groundwork for improving the lives of children and families.

A healthy community is created one neighborhood and one school at a time. The Hough Foundation provides an innovative model for how strengthening partnerships and providing relevant programs can benefit children and families today and into the future.

What We Do

The Hough Foundation was established in 1992 by Vancouver businessman and former Hough student Paul Christensen to provide support to programs and projects that would enhance the Hough Neighborhood and Hough Elementary School.

At Hough School a part-time assistant helps the Vancouver School District FCRC Coordinator manage the Family Service Center.

Mental Health is an area of focus for the Hough Foundation. We connect and pay for many students and families to receive mental health resources in the community as well.

Our Administrative Assistants coordinate our five after school enrichment programs, Glee choral group, Escola de Samba (Brazilian-style drumming) Beginning Band, Enspire Arts and Horticulture Therapy. Music education helps prepare the brain for math and literacy. Children involved in these programs tend to have improved grades and school attendance. Being a part of Glee, Escola de Samba or Beginning Band enables students to perform on stage in front of their school community, their families as well as out in the community. These performances bolster self-pride and esteem helping students to feel a strong connection to their school and community at large. Many students that participate in Hough Foundation music programs continue to be involved in the arts as they go forward to middle and high school.